Concordia Capital Management
55 Delisle Ave
Suite 401
Toronto, Ontario
M4V 3C2 Canada

Tel: 416-229-9492

Concordia Capital Management is an independent money management firm catering to high net worth individuals. Each of our clients has a segregated and individually tailored portfolio. Our clients have access to the money manager and are provided with detailed monthly returns and reports.

Our objective is to earn consistent long-term returns for our clients by taking below-average risk. This is achieved by investing in undervalued, high-quality stocks and bonds in the world's major financial markets. We use a bottom-up stock-picking methodology that balances the opportunities with the risk of the portfolio.

Our company name is symbolic of the simple handshake that begins all business endeavors and promises dedication in the business relationship. Concordia Capital Management delivers on this promise. We adhere to the philosophy of balance and harmony as embodied in the yin-yang, which is an inspiration for our logo.

Each fund is segregated and individually tailored. Read on to learn more about Concordia